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Default Good Monday Morning from Myrtle Beach

Arrived safely in Myrtle Beach last evening a little before eight. All I can say about my niece DeAnna and her husband's newest three bedroom condo here is it is nothing less than stunning. DeAnna's husband arrives sometime this afternoon as he had business to take care of before he came down.

It was so relaxing sitting on the veranda looking at the lights of Barefoot Landing as the moon rose into the sky. I didn't know how much I needed this break until I got here and I'm so glad instead of just staying three days, we're staying ten.

I'm not a techie but some of you may be familiar with a device they have in my bedroom that converts my laptop into a PC by placing it on the device, it raises and then tilts the whole thing up bringing the 17" screen more to eye level and instead of typing on my laptop keyboard, I'm typing on the device's keyboard.

Have no idea what's in store for today other than settling in, awaiting my O2 delivery and then running back to the store for odd's and ends we forgot to get when we stopped at the supermarket on the way in.

Hope everyone has a good "Back to work day" and Prayers were offered at Church yesterday morning for all those on my proverbial list along with a sincere request for God's Blessings upon all.
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