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That's good Granny, really. But I think you may have missed my point. I was never advised on what the "Chef's Dinner" is - what sort of special event it comprises, because the Herald said nothing about it.

I am havibg trouble posting pictures (I tried last night), but I will show the Herald said NOTHING in detail about the chef's dinner. And as I said, I consulted with the cruise staff, and they admitted this is a big mistake on their part. Afterwards I interviewed the chef. I think that if he knew they dont tell the guests about his big dinner he would be crushed.

You are an experienced Seabourn cruisers, so you know many things the rest of us don't know. When I leave here I will also be an experienced Seabourn cruiser. I can write my article along the lines of "watch for this..."

But I would rather be writing my article from the aspect of - "This is a great experience I had," than the way it happened.

Anyway - FWIW: I talked to some peole who were at the dinner, and they said the lobster was not that impressive anyway. I had pictured a 1.25 lb Maine Lobster cut in half. They said all they got was the tail, and it was tiny. The person I spoke with is an experienced yachtsman, and he said, "I didn't think you could legally take them that small."

Just repeating what I am hearing. I also hope you realize I say things in this message board I wouldn't say in a larger feature article, mostly because this is just day by day happenings.

Today we are in Norfolk from 8 a.m. to 6:00 pm - a nice change from the short port stays we had early on in the cruise.

We had a magician show last night. He had the crowd enthralled. He mostly did card tricks. He is very good at memorizing cards - I wouldn't want to play blackjack against him.

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