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Default Good Morning from Myrtle Beach

Good morning! I'm Baaaaack! Not on my own 'puter yet, but the new battery should be here today. The Fedex driver messed up on Friday and somehow thought we were "a non-existent business," so the batter got sent back to the warehouse. It's on the truck again, though, so now you're stuck with me again.

Todd, Myrtle Beach sounds wonderful.

We are just fine. Keith is struggling to learn the ins and outs of his new hearing aids. They are quite amazing, albeit frustrating for him. He's at a new gym and complains about the longer drive.

We look forward to a trip to Arizona in November for another reunion and a visit with Keith's brother, Wendell. Wendell and his DW will come to the first day of the activties with wheel chair in tow.

Have a nice day, people. It's nice to be back.

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