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New York City
Okay… travel is the reason I take cruises, and today we were in New York City. We docked at 8:00, and we are staying until 11:00 pm. I know one day does not seem like a long time, but it really is if you do all you can in one day, as I just did.

I started out in Times Square area. I continued walking down Broadway past Macys and the Flat Iron building. At that corner in a public park was a huge Halloween fair for kids, “so New York.” Before long I was at Union Square. I looked at the stalls of fresh farm food brought in by the Amish and other farmers. It was just as I remembered it from the 90s when I lived there.

I continued along Broadway to 8th St. where I cut east in the East Village. On my former street; 6th St. at 3rd Avenue by Cooper Union, I saw some amazing new architecture, there, especially the new Cooper’s Union and the new hotel just built on 4th avenue in the Bowery - modern and elite - unbelievable. I walked past the former Fillmore East and Electric Circus, and I realize there is nothing of that movement left here anymore. But my corner has been renamed Bill Graham Ave.

I continued walking, though China Town and Little Italy and I approached the Wall Street Area, and there they were - the “Occupy Wall Street Movement.” It was SO 60s, just like our anti Viet Nam protest. I can’t say I blame them for wanting to make some noise.

I saw people sleeping in sleeping bags, eating a meal of donated oatmeal, hummus, fruit loops and cole slaw, and all holding signs saying and other such subjects.

I watched these people assembling in times square just before I came back to the ship, and at the time the NYPD was assembling several “paddy-wagon” vans, ambulances, police on horses, barricades and otherwise. It didn’t look good for the protestors but I don’t know because I left, not because I had to, but just because I was so exhausted from seeing so much of Manhattan that day.

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