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Originally Posted by Sistersolo View Post
It is no more expensive to book through an agent than to do it alone. The agents will quote the same rates as the cruiselines are offering at the time. The only difference is that SOMETIMES the agent will provide a small bonus, like a bottle of wine in your cabin or a bit of on-board credit.

Check out whatever agents may be close to you; if they don't have lots of cruise line brochures on display, they may not have as much cruise experience. Or try one of the on-line agents, like Vacations to Go that has been frequently mentioned on these posts, though they won't offer you any bennies unless you specifically ask about them.
Being a travel agent and agency owner myself, and assuming you don't get an agent who loves to use ancillary fees, and I hate these agents, you can sometimes even save money over the cruise line direct prices. If you use a travel agent, ask if they have any promotional groups for that sailing. A promotional group is basically a group where the people don't necessarily know each other, and some agencies use them(my own included) to lower prices and offer extra booking incentives. Also, cruise lines themselves offer special sales for National Cruise Vacation Week(which is going on right now) and Wave Season(January), so keep this in mind as well. There are a lot of ways a good travel agent can save you money or offer extras over what you get when you book direct.

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