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Originally Posted by snorklr45 View Post
You are definitely not alone. I sailed on the Celebrity Century - 7 day cruise in a balcony suite. The waiter at dinner went out of his way on a nightly basis to be verbally abusive to me. I am not a picky person at all and never said an unkind word to him. The safe in the cabin was too small to fit all of our valuables so I stuffed my cell phone into the very bottom of a locked (very full) carry on bag. Came back one day after activities at port to find room cleaned and luggage broken into..cell phone gone. It was the only thing of value not locked up in the safe. That is pretty sad that if its not NAILED DOWN, it WILL get stolen. The wait staff seemed blase' overall (at best), my personal waiter at dinner every night was actually abusive to me each and every night..the girls at the spa did not want to be there (massage not worth the money). The one who did my massage informed me she was quitting and this was her last sail...I really enjoyed myself only OFFBOARD and away from the ship. I reported my experience and the theft to Celebrity and they completely blew me off. The port stops were great and that's about all that I can say that was good about this cruise.
Well, I am sorry about your cellphone but you DO know you could have reported that waiter to the head waiter or matr'd and also changed tables? I think I would have changed after this happened a second time-I would give the guy the benefit of doubt once-but not over once.

The only thing I have ever had stolen on any cruise was a brooch on my formal gown. We were cruising RCI Sovereign of the Seas back in 99. However, we had flown to Miami that cruise and I had stupidly pinned the brooch on the gown before leaving and so it was in my hangup bag. Whether it was an airline employee or a cruiseship employee who stole this-who knows?

At least it was less than $30 and I learned a valuable lesson-never pack jewelry in luggage.

My cellphone I leave in my purse-which I put in the bottom of the closet, or on a shelf in the closet-as my wallet is in the safe. Never worried about my cellphone-but then it just a simple phone-not worth much.

My husband has brought his laptop and he leaves it in plain view-never was taken and we never feared it would be.
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