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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Boy, how disappointing for you, especially when the cruise was so close.What would drive me crazy is, I would want a better explanation than they gave you. So all your air is in place, and you have to find a cruise for those dates? Is RCI going to pay the change fees for you, for another date? The $200.00 would not make me happy either....

I will say, while this is very frustrating, when the time is right, and you find another cruise that suits all your needs, give them another chance.

I hope it all works out for you.

Linda, a year away-2112-not 2011.

to the Op-this happened to us- a cruise was about a year out-and the cruise was canceled for an extended drydock. We were disappointed also-but we found another cruise with a similar itinerary and we had a wonderful time.

This cruise may have also been chartered. It happens a lot on HAL. I have heard that Rosie O' Donnell charters NCL ships very often. I believe this can happen on any line-as the old saying goes "money talks."

Just find another cruise with a similar itinerary.
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