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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
That is true re out of the country ,however some carriers do,for instance the one I have .
You're one of the lucky one, me thinks. I have heard of a few cases, like yours, where their health insurance does cover them out of the country. But I'm pretty sure the vast majority of insurance plans do not.

And a ship at sea is definately out of the country

There's no chance I'd recommend people travel out of the country without verifying that coverage, assuming their health insurance would pay... and I'd probably advise checking it twice.

The system in Canada is different, and more similar to what you describe. Our health care insures travelers in other countries, but ONLY to the amount the insurance would pay for the same treatment here.

Any costs above that are the responsibility of the person or their travel insurance. Those diffences in costs of various treatments are most often considerable!
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