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Talking Roadblocks

Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I have always had some issues with photography onboard, simply with the way it's handled. I would like to see an opt out path, as you get ready to board. No thankyou and walk along the side, onto the ship. Getting off in port,with it's bottleneck can be slow sometimes.

Within the past few years I have seen the formal set ups in the most odd places, like very close to the dining room, with people waiting for pictures, and, waiting for just shake your head and ???? There has to be a better way.

Don't get me started on the pirate and the parrot at the dinner table,and when some of us opt out, and, say no thanks..we have had some smirks....just smile .
Well, Trip, they are of course setting traps for nice people like you.

Now, me -- I just push my way past the line, wait til they take the one picture they are working on and then just walk through their setup and go on my way. I don't care a bit where they are taking pictures, as long as they are not holding me up.

::devilish grin::

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