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Having read Pauls report I feel like I'm reading about a first time cruiser with no manners. As to the size of the portions if they are small ask for a larger one. The menu is always posted in the herald 24hours before and leaves you time to make your decision to were yo want to eat. He sounds like sour grapes to me.
Thanks Edwards for that inexplicable assesssment... Obviouslly I am not a first-time cruiser. I have a VERY good idea of how cruise lines work. I am not sure WHY do you think I would have sour grapes? Doesn't that usually imply some kind of envy?

If you are referring to the Chef's Dinner. I can't imagine explaining any more thoroughly how that was not advertised or highlighted for anyone at all.

Regular Seabourn cruisers knew what the "Chef's Dinner" is - but there was NO explanation of it at all, nor any mention that the fresh lobster had been brought aboard - until the day of the event. I had made my reservations in a different restuarant the day before (while they were getting the lobster).

You are incorrect - menus and programs do NOT come out 24 hours in advance - they are left in your stateroom for you to read after you nighttime activities; dinner, show, etc. And you are assuming I would read a menu for a restuarant I already knew I was not dining in - or that the words "Chef's Dinner" in the smallest type possible placed under "regular restuarant hours" would catch my attention.

I also said the staff admitted they should have told me what I was missing. Three different staff members, including the person who lays out the Herald told me this, and apologized. Case closed.

I am actually amazed how many people don't "get" what I am saying here. Blaming me as if Seabourn couldn't possibly make a mistake only reinforces my resolve to prove mistakes were made. But only to the pinheads who keep trying to make this look like my personal fault.

Seabourn was at least classy enough to admit the mistake and apologize.

This is my last post on this topic.... I have not had time to post but I am now in FLL waiting for my flight home. I will have much more to say.

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