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The last few days ended smoothly enough. There were no events to speak of. The ride to FLL from Norfolk was fairly rough but not enough for me to get seasick.

I can easliy see how many people would have some problems with these smaller ships.

Although beef is not featured on the menu as an entree option much at all (if ever), I did see several people ordering steaks every night, and so I started doing the same. The beef is delicious, tender and a "melt in your mouth."

The entertainment was very predictable - small ship stage shows. I spent most of my nights in my stateroom watching the movies on demand.

The stops in NY City, Norfolk and Charleston were all wonderfully long days (9:00 to 5:00) giving me plenty of time to see the sights. I spent a day walking all over Charleston, starting at the visitors center. I can see what the problem with cruise ships is in that city, but I wasn't fully able to distill my thoughts until I tried writing the article - hence look for an article on that coming soon.

It is an historic treasure, and one that needs ships stopping there for port visits, but have Carnival Fantasy doing turn-arounds at the downtown terminal does the city almost no good at all. That seems to be what they need to figure out in my opinion.

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