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Caviar experience...

I waited the entire cruise to see some kind of Seabourn caviar experience. After all, they are famous for their trademarked ads showing butlers wading into tropical waters with trays of caviar for people swimming.

We weren't swimming anywwhere, so that wouldn't happen, but I did expect to see some kind of caviar event onboard. It never happened.

But I did ask the Restaurant manager and he said I could order caviar from room service, so I do so, and it was delicious. It showed up with a nice dollop of mallosol caviar and onions, eggs and sour cream. There were no blinis - just hardened slices of French Bread. Still delicious, though.

Special bath products - the line advertises special bathtub soaks available - herbal soaks, etc. They are essentially bubble baths for the tub. They listed three different options. We were able to get one bottle of one, two samples of another and no samples of the last one. No explanation except "they ran out."

Meals were nice, the sommellier starts each mean with a white wine and changes to the red when the entrees come out. One night I was in the mood for red to start out, and so I asked for this. The sommellier became quite rude, as if I was breaking a rule. She got me the wine, but the attitude was a little unnerving.

At this point I started to think of my fellow cruisers as something like "the choir" you preach to. The principle is that if you pay enough for something you are going to like it, even when something goes wrong. That is what I felt about many of my cruisers - either that or the crew was singling me out as not being their favorite (anything is possible) - but I doubt that.

More later - my flight leaves soon

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