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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Henry... that's all well and good. And I'm sure there's many mulit-national companies that would require the same type of insurance... which I'm also sure wasn't cheap.

However, those cases are the exception, rather than the rule. And it would be a mistake for people to have read your post in response to the topic, and with your stated experience in the insurance industry, believed it necessarily applied to them.

Your case was NOT the norm, and if anyone without that coverage, passed on purchasing travel insurance, the results could have been devastating to them. That's why I posted to the thread.

It's a mistake to believe our personal experiences all naturally apply to everyone; especially when you claimed expertise on the topic. I hate to sound like I'm lecturing you, but misinformation is one of the most dangerous things available on the Internet.

In my initial post I should have stated that if one is cruising solely in the United States 99% of all health insurance carriers will assume primary carrier status .
However ,as you have stated there are very few carriers ,perhaps only 10 that assume primary carrier status when traveling out of the country .
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