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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
In my initial post I should have stated that if one is cruising solely in the United States 99% of all health insurance carriers will assume primary carrier status .
However ,as you have stated there are very few carriers ,perhaps only 10 that assume primary carrier status when traveling out of the country .
There are very few cruises that are "soley" in the United States.

Too many people have "assumed" that their health insurance covers them outside the United States and have ended up in big financial trouble. Very few hospitals or doctors "bill" you in foreign countries. They want up front payments. You can max out a credit card very quickly when this occurs.

I urge everyone to check their health policy to make sure they are covered outside the country and it also covers medical evacuation and repatriation.

If it doesn't then you need a supplemental travel policy.

Also: Pre-existing conditions can make a travel policy worthless if they are not waived. Most policies require purchase within 7 - 14 days to waive the pre-existing conditions clause.

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