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So, TM here are some links for you to look at. Hope you enjoy them.

As for my buckedt list. The past few months have seen things happen that may destroy my dreams of having much of a bucket list, and it's making me kind of bitter, but I hope things pick up and I do have one. Keep the fingers crossed for me.

Hmm, I'd loved to see the Norwegian Fjords and Iceland. I noticed NCL has a cruise that does that. I'd have to win the lottery tho...but what a sight.

I have a friend that lives in England. Actually I have three, so I'd like to visit there. I have one in the south and two in the north. Like to take my time and really see the place...maybe go up into Scotland.

I have a friend who would like to take 6 to 8 weeks to travel Alaska, which I think is a wonderful idea myself. If I don't get to do anything like that, I want to at least take a cruise to Alaska. Also, I'd like to spend a week in the Seward area and take day trips from there.

My sister in law would like to buy an RV and travel all over the US, which I also think is a fine idea.

Hell, I pretty much would just like to go. I've never had too much of a chance to travel and would like very much to do so. So, that's my bucket list. Of course, I want to cruise, cruise, cruise.
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