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Originally Posted by Golden1 View Post
I am cruising next year to So. Caribbean and have never had a balcony room before. I was telling a girlfriend that I cant wait to hear the waves at night and she scolded me! She said it was too hot to leave the balcony door open. Then I realized she was saying this because it is a gripe for her. Apparently, it messes up the airconditioning in the other rooms. Is this a common gripe? I will not keep the door open all night, but it would be nice to feel the warm breeze in my room for a little while. Opinions on this are welcome!!
Leaving your balcony door open will not affect the operation of AC in other cabins, the regulating of temp’s inside your cabin may be a problem.
I don’t leave the balcony door open at ports because mosquito’s find their way inside my cabin.
While at sea, leaving the balcony door open is fine.
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