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Post [QUOTE=johnthed0g;1398072]I have not been told this, the reverse in fact.[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
I have not been told this, the reverse in fact.

Newer cruise ships have continuous electronic monitoring systems which are designed to detect both smoke and heat (fire), these systems are also designed to supress flams and reduce escaping smoke, performed through sprinklers and oxigen supression.

AC systems are sealed mechanical systems on the newer cruise ships with electroic dampers that can also be mannually closed.
If a fire were to break out, the trained team would evacuate every cabin and close all doors.
All dampers would be closed off in all zones within the fire doors including and not limited to immeadite decks.
These system are momitored in the main bridge.

The ships elevators also are mannually controlled to prevent passengers from becomming trapped.
You will see a fire control key unit in every elevator for emergency use only.
The elevator shafts are also sealed to prevent air from being sucked from upper decks that would feed the fire.
Older ships use the elevator itself to block the shafts.

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