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Your experience onboard reminds me of my impressions of the Celebrity Century. The most important meal of the cruise is a once per week Brunch, which is barley mentioned in the cruise compass. Also just because something is perceived as more prestigious, does not make it better for you the individual. As you may have noticed on this blog, Seabourn (like Crystal, as I am led to understand) has a VERY loyal following, that is often quite insular. I guess you either belong or not (odd, the comments shown here, given that this is your profession) in some ways this reminds me of my time with high end casino players: everyone knows each other, understands the procedures, extremely loyal to the product, and does not understand how outsiders would view their experience. For what it is worth, I have met many people whom have had the same experience in the mainstream line, Holland America. For many it is the tradition of Holland/Cunard or nothing at all.

I think this blog really is useful to your readers, there are places we fit in and others we don't. It's not even just price points, I learned this with NCL; with their "free style" concept. While I understand that Seabourn may not be the right choice for me, but through my travels Cunard is something I really want to try. Most of the British I have met at sea, are a true joy and I would enjoy traveling on Britain's Premier Line & the Grandest Liner in the World, the QM2!!
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