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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
Very few cruises solely in the US ? I disagree .There are hundreds if not more cruises from various parts of this country to Alaska .
There are cruises from NYC to Fla .Cruises from NYC to New England .

My insurance is with Aetna .This is one of the top 10 carriers and they cover me any place on the planet .


You are correct that there are cruises that sail in Alaska and do cruises along the east and west coast. However, they are the VAST minority of cruises that embark from U.S. ports. The mainstream cruise lines will embark more passengers in one week than these cruise lines will embark in an entire year.

The U.S. only cruises are the vast minority as are the people who would be reading these forums and taking one of these cruises. This makes the insurance coverage outside the U.S. very important to the large majority of people who will be taking a cruise and the information about insurance should not be directed at a very small minority of these people unless it is so qualified.

The majority of private and public (Medicare) health insurance policies do not cover the person outside the U.S.. With your experience in the insurance industry I would feel you would know this. I also have Aetna insurance and I am not covered outside the U.S.. Even with the same underwriter there are different policies and everyone should verify what their policy covers before they travel.

I have a Wells Fargo ATM card that does not charge a foreign transaction fee but this is because of the type of account that I have and most Wells Fargo customers will be charged a foreign transaction fee when using it in a foreign ATM or when making purchases outside the U.S.. It's the same company but different terms.

The mainstream cruise lines have foreign flagged vessels and the Passengers Services Act requires that they must stop at a foreign port. This makes foreign insurance coverage all the more important to most cruisers.

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