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Yes, this was why I told Seabourn I really prefer to go with a group instead of on my own.

Or if a person had a good travel agent, like Eric Goldring, then he could have cooked up some organized activities for the people like me and kept me in the loop

Look - I fully realize it is possible for a person to pre-plan a cruise, do all the research and know everything there is to know before you go. But that would have only changed some of the experiences I had (not the less than stellar service aspects, etc., the fact that my room steward barely ever spoke to me, and other things I may or may not mention in my final article).

It's too bad Eric decided to leave this board, as I now write for FoxNews and not FoxBusiness, 32,000,000 readers/month, and this would have been the perfect opportunity for me to give his agency incredibly valuable publicity. His guided groups would be just the kind of thing a person like me would need. Alas- I had no travel agent at all, and really no guidance at all from the company on what to expect.

Of course, this is always a valid way to approach a story - from the aspect of a complete outsider coming into it from the cold to see how well the staff communicates to the first time user. Believe it or not, that is how MANY FIRST TIME cruisers go, most people have not heard of us, cruise critic or other places to really bone up on a cruise first. They go in like I did. It just isn't the way I "prefer" to approach a story.

But that will be the point of my article, when I write it - to save the people who go in "cold" from making the mistakes I made, and also giving them a more realistic view that you are going to be a little bit more on your own than you may expect compared to other cruise lines. The fact that Seabourn makes no announcements, doesn't have a port lecturer, and things like that.

Of course the intiatated Seabourn cruiser already knows a lot more than the first time one. I think I have been making that clear.

I also want to reiterate that I put a lot of things into this message board, thoughts as they come up, that I wouldn't go into detail about in a major publication article. I hope people are respecting the fact that I am just being candid with my thoughts here - I am not "blogging" right now. Just conversing with some people who read this board.
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