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Too bad Cunard is becoming slightly less British soon, changing their registry from British to Bermuda. They say they are doing it because they want to be able to do weddings at sea and other such ideas. I have a feeling the reasons may be slightly more political than that with the British government now starting to lean on cruise lines a bit more than in the past.

Yes, the Seabourn loyalty group is unusually loyal, which has served Seabourn very well. I met some fine people on that cruise, but also some people where I wondered why they were on that cruise. There was one couple from Australia who were onboard because they wanted to sail with their friends, but they said they would have preferred more ports of call - obviously because they traveled so far.

The same with another couple I met who said they tried to book the same cruise (NE/Canada) on Regent but that ship was waitlisted and they couldn't get on, so they were trying Seabourn for the first time. They also said they would have preferred more ports of call, and he was the yachtsman who pointed out how slow we were going between Norfolk and Charleston. You really don't need a day at sea in there. We could have added Boston earlier, for example, which I would have loved.

But as one lady said to me "You're a young whippersnapper with the git up 'n go to see all these places. For us this pace is just right. We needed a day at sea after Williamsburg."

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