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Originally Posted by SeekingRoomate View Post
Hi Annie,

I'm sorry that you felt my post was misleading, I didn't intend for it to be. I consider "Christmastime" to run from the day after Thanksgiving to January 1st (that's when I have my tree up), so didn't think twice about calling the cruise a "Christmas cruise." Even though the cruise disembarks on Christmas day, there are festive-themed decorations and activities on board.

I can see how the title could cause confusion though, I've never posted on this site before, so thank you for the advice. I've reposted my thread with a more descriptive title.

Happy sailing!
Have you found a cruisemate? I am so interested in travelling, and so, I would like to go with you if you have not gone.

I am over 40 gentleman with PHD and MBA degrees, and GM position in a research field. Now I live in Washington DC.

You can send me a email with

So I hopy your reply to me ASAP.


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