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Originally Posted by kandajones View Post
Hi Don, we found that the same rules applied, if other suites wanted to eat in Blu, they had to wait for an opportunity to do so. But the one thing that left us wondering, and never got round to asking is ...

Where do the guests in the more expensive suites eat? are they back in the MDR ?

Yes, suites designated dining room is the Main Dining Room. Blu replaces the Main Dining room for Aqua Class passengers.....

Just as a point since a couple of posters referred to Aqua Class as a suite. They are not suites and do not have a butler. Celebrity Reflection will have a new category of Aqua Class suites with more room and all the benefits of a suite including a Butler but that will only be on Reflection.

By the way, Blu is wonderful...The menu is totally different than the MDR and they have three everynight items.

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