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I got my card today in Tustin, California. On the card's face it reads "Your Complimentary 7 Day Cruise". As someone already noticed, there is nothing about being FREE but "COMPLIMENTARY" which is not synonym to FREE.

The promised line is "Norwegian Cruise Line" (exactly as I spelled). I am called by name and on the back of the card on top, there is the exact Norwegian Cruise Line logo and full name well spelled.
The number to call is 1.800.313.5054. Monday to Friday 9 am to 10 pm EST(?)
The address is Welcome Center, Hughes Way, Long Beach, CA 90810.

I called and talked to a nice lady(of course) which told me the exact same thing - that we have to attend a presentation of some sort after which we will be given our "COMPLIMENTARY" cruise tickets after paying a deposit of $99(prices are going up people...).

Definitely a scam.

BTW, a lot of people here ask if anybody got their free cruise ticket.
Well, there is no positive answer because nobody got any ticket to any cruise. It is just a pure SCAM and although some were arrested somewhere, others are picking up and continue the legacy making millions thanks to federal and states law loopholes without shame on naive and poor people.

Thank you.
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