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Over the past few years, I would "prefer" to dine in the pay venues, but I don't dine there every night..I have a balance that is comfortable for us, as far as adding cost.

Starting with the Zuiderdam in 05, where we had mediocre food,as well as service, dining in the Pinnacle Grille was such a pleasure, we tried to book more nights, but could'nt get any reservations

I have been fortunate to dine in many pay venues, courtesy of the cruiselines, so, when I do get back on the ship, I know which ones we want to try again,and which ones to walk on by...

RCI has had for years, the most public humiliation of an entree, with the Ranch Steak. It has had it's name changed so many times, the next time it could be on the menu as the P Diddy steak!

No matter what they call it,or how they cook it, they should just pull it..maybe thay have?

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