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Originally Posted by flbigbear View Post
Hello, my name is Rob and I'm new to the cruising world. I won't officially be 60 until November 24th. Although I am married I would be doing a cruise on my own, I'll explain that if asked. Since I've not done any cruising before and live in the Orlando, FL area I am thinking a short one out of the Port Canaveral area might be wise. I have read several posts of people seeking a cruise mate and I can tell that I would be much better off cruising with a woman for a travel companion. Also, seeing the difference in the cost of going solo versus sharing a room it just seems more practical to share.
I have my passport, have never used it though. I'm leaving on a trip to the Pacific Northwest on November 22nd and am thinking it would be really nice if a short cruise could be done before then. A little bit of info about me: I stand 6'5" tall, am the quintessential overgrown teddy bear, use a sleep machine so I do not snore. While I am not a party animal by nature I tend to take on the characteristics of those around me. So a woman who enjoys social activities helps me stay out of my shell. I am a non-smoker and would need the same.
So if you would like to get away on a short cruise and show me the ropes I would appreciate hearing from you.
It would be nice if someone could step forward to help you out. Right now cruise prices are at their lowest. Royal Caribbean just had a promo for Oct 31, for solo cruisers. If I wasn't booked for the end of the month, I might have considered. It sure cuts the rate for Carnival down, a solo pays double. I have a roomshare on Ecstasy, it will be at Canaveral starting Nov 7. The ship is the size of Sensation but has won multiple awards.
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