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I have managed cruise ships for over 30 years.
Prior to that I opened and managed the most expensive and highest rated restaurant in America. I really know exceptional food and service.

You and I would be willing to pay extra for better food EVERY day.
But not everyone agrees with us.
We are generally talking mass market here - Middle America.
When you look at many of the posts on these cruise boards, the bulk of cruisers today seem most concerned with the lowest possible cruise fares, pizza and hot dogs, smuggling alcohol in mouthwash bottles, and wearing baseball caps and wife beaters in the dining room.

The cruise lines are very aware of the situation.
For those who truly appreciate good food, we offer 2 options:
1. Upscale cruise lines that offer high quality every meal - for those willing to pay for it.
2. Mass market lines that offer high quality in alternative venues for those willing to pay for it.
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