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Originally Posted by flbigbear View Post
thanks for the reply ruthlessboss.

newbie questions:
what's the benefit of the ship's size and winning awards?

from your experience what is the best length of a cruise for beginners?

is there a minimum cabin category that people prefer who share rooms?

(geez, i sound like the neighbors 3 year-old granddaughter with all the questions)
Ship size becomes a preference for some. Makes it easier to get around and is without hoards of people at poolside. My largest ship was Carnival Dream, it didn't turn out to be my preference.
The awards is of no benefit technically, but adds to the looks of the ship, it's activities offered. Ecstasy, although an old ship, will be new to Canaveral, so we are excited at the 5 night itinerary, alternates Key West, and their private island for a day.
As for cruise length for a newbie, I feel a 3 or 4 nighter is good, keeping in mind the 3 nighters are weekenders, more younger people than during weekday ones. Carnival will not lose their reputation they built initially as a party ship, but it is not. I still do shorter ones as a getaway.
Cabin catagory is so individual. If I go solo, I stay in cheapest catagory (remember you pay more), but with a roomshare, I can go on longer cruises, prefer a balcony. I smoke, and won't smoke in an inside cabin, so that enters my decision to go straight to a balcony. You don't spend much time in an inside cabin, but it's adequate, only has 4 walls. But, you still go to the same places, have same dining options, same activity options etc. as a higher price cabin.
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