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Now that is sharing information, WOW!!
Pragmatic & practical seems to be the theme from what you shared. It all makes sense when I read it. The tip about the weekend 3 nighters infested with young people sounds like it comes from the school of experience as does the shipís size. I noticed the shipís length and beam are listed on the individual cruiseís page. Another priceless tidbit for a newbie. I know there has to be enough people on the ship for the cruise line to make money; I donít want to feel like a sardine though.
I think Iím down to just 1 question left before I throw myself out there to see if something comes together. That question is, when looking to room share what is the protocol for letting others know your dollar limit? Do you just put a dollar amount and then work with someone to find a room that fits both budgets? Should I list my room preferences and then find out what anotherís budget allows?
I appreciate your willingness to share and educate very, very much.
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