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Recumbent bikes are good for two types of people. Very small and very strong.

I've tried them and they are one heck of a workout, especially if you are going up hills. Even when I was in better shape it was just too much for me. I guess there are higher end models where you "pump and pedal" and they supposedly work better. They are also completely worthless on gravel. I have 1/2 mile of gravel to travel before I get to a paved road. The cost you pay for living in the sticks.

A three wheeled bicycle is out of the question for me because of the gravel road.

I can no longer ride a bike and dearly enjoyed doing it and I have yet to find a replacement that works for me. Earlier this month I did try to ride my cousins, extremely expensive and extremely lightweight, mountain bike and I made it about twenty feet before I fell over like the guy on the tricycle on Laugh-In.

I rode a motorcycle for about 20 years but those days are long gone. I get jealous when I see someone cruise by on a bike or motorcycle.

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