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Originally Posted by booe's mom View Post
We were in Belize on the Carnival Dream in Jan 2011. We were told that Carnival was going to take it off there itinarary. Now we are going of Liberty of the Sea., Jan 12 We liked the shops, there are a couple that I'm going back to, but we just stayed in that one area. We were told the rest not safe. You should be cautious where ever you go. The shops out back by the big gate well not that great felt alittle uncomfortable. Carnival said they were dropping it because of the extra $$ the govt was charging them.
To me, Belize is no worse than any other Caribbean port, they all have their so called bad areas!
I don't doubt the dropping is because of tendering costs, which don't exist at other ports. I was on Dream, and it was a huge undertaking, and would be a large profit loss to the cruiseline. I don't see why similar options can't be done at other ports.
Please note the original post is 5 years old.
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