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Originally Posted by bibvo View Post
We've only sailed on the M Class ships and are thinking of booking a trip on one of the S Class ships but heard there isn't a Thalassotherapy pool on the Solstace class ships. Is this true? From reading the information on Celebrity's website they refer to "Solarium Pools" on all of the ships with no reference to them being a Thalassotherapy pool. When I talked with a Celebrity agent they said the Solarium pool is the Thalassotherapy pool but I see comments to the contrary on this site. Has anyone actually sailed on both the M Class and S Class ships? If so can you comment on this. We love the Thassotherapy pool on the M Class ships and this is one of the main reasons we have repeatedly chose Celebrity. We're booked in one of the new Aquaclass cabins on deck 11 of the Summit this February. We can't wait. We've always stayed in Concierage Class in the past. It sounds like having "Blu" as our assigned restaurant is worth the extra for Aquaclass.
One of the main complaints about the S class ships is that they don't have a t pool. The Solarium is very nice however...
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