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No rain or snow here, at least yet. Cool morning, but I did sleep in as I have no grandkids all week nor any trips to Drs. with my Mom. I have been hit with the creepy crude this weekend, cough, congestion, the whole 9 yards worth. Spent a lot of time just lying on the couch. Feeling a little better today so maybe the worst is over.
Daughter, SIL and 2 grandkids should be in Chicago by now. Daughter has a week of training so the whole family went as a mini vacation. The girls were so excited to get to go to a hotel with an indoor pool. I know what they will be doing all week. They are both water dogs!
I have a presentation next Sunday afternoon, so my week will be spent here in the office getting things in order.
Prayers for our Todd, and hoping all is better today.
RD love the costume. I've got my candy ready for the spooks and gooblins tonight. If I can just keep D/H out of it!

Everyone have a good Halloween.

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