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Originally Posted by fingurl View Post
We were harassed by locals trying to sell us anything from sunglasses made in China to wooden bowls to young teenage women trying to sell us message for $20!

[Costa Maya] ... When we finally got to our destination beach, we were again harassed by locals, but not as many because this particular beach was on the outskirts of beaches.

...I contacted Shore Trips, and then received this response: "Sadly independent countries like Belize and Honduras (and Mexico to a certain factor) have these problems. There is no controlling it ...

Sam Karp

...If you can wait until absolute last minute, such as arriving into port, then you will find a whole litany of tour companies just waiting for you.
I am a bit baffled by this post. Somehow you feel that Shoretrips or the guide was responsible for the importunate vendors you encountered?

I believe the response from Mr. Karp is precisely right. Many countries do not control vendors, and due to extreme poverty there are hordes of them. The shore excursion company has no control over it.

Somehow you think that if you had just walked off the ship and booked with a vendor there the situation would have been better? I don't think so.

A bit of advice for you: Do NOT go to Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia or many other places that are wonderful tourist attractions but in poverty stricken countries. If you think you were harassed in Central America, you will not believe what happens there!

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