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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Wishing Todd only the very best. Hopefully his strength will help him through. Cardiac failure is something we've lived through the past several years in our family.

The combination of toughness of character and the many advances in medicine, make chances very good.

I do feel very bad for him that he doesn't have more support from family and friends close by.
One thing that has given me a lot of peace is knowing that Todd's niece DeAnna lives nearby and she loves Todd very much. I know he is in good hands with her. Thankfully he was not alone when this last episode took place.
One thing I have realized during my visits to Greeneville, is that Todd is highly regarded by many in the community and he has lots of friends who will fill the gap if needed. He is loved by many. That makes me feel so much better.

I was on the Interstate driving home from Champaign when my cell rang and it was Todd, he sounded very exhausted and so tired, which is understandable, since when your heart stops... so does everything else. I know he'll call when he is up to it and I will probably text DeAnna later this evening to check on him. If I get any new info I'll post an update.

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