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I just want to make something clear to the readers here...

I use these message boards to think out loud. This is not an article or even my "blog." I could very well say something in here one day and completely contradict myself the next day - and I would expect you to understand that I have the right to change my mind, or that I may be speaking from a mood or stream of thought.

I am expected to post to these message boards as part of my job. If I cannot say things here that are just my momentary thoughts then I would not be able to post here. That is why I constantly say THIS IS NOT AN ARTICLE OF RECORD - these are my random thoughts. That is why I have a disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

By the way - the first part of my Seabourn review is up here:
First-time Seabourn Cruiser (Part 1) - Page 1

Please read it and feel free to make comments here. I was hoping to have a follow-up to this today, but in all honesty I could not focus this weekend - the travel and then the concentrated writing I did on part one wore me out.

I will continue on when I have had a chance to chillax (is that really what they say these days, or am I just an old fogey sounding like I want to be cool but really have no idea)
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