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Speaking of changing my mind.... I wrote this about Charleston

"It is an historic treasure, and one that needs ships stopping there for port visits, but have Carnival Fantasy doing turn-arounds at the downtown terminal does the city almost no good at all. That seems to be what they need to figure out in my opinion. "

I want to clarify what I learned. The turnarounds do the city plenty of good, but the location of the downtown terminal for a ship doing turnarounds in Charleston does not do them much good. They could do them in another place, disrupt the city less, and still get the benefits of having visitors spending money there.

There is a cargo terminal up the bay that does 96% of the shipping commerce in Chaston. If the cruise operations could go in there the city would have all the benefits and none of the disruption.

However, I am just justifying what I said. In fact, Chaston has had cruise turnarounds downtown since 2003, consistently. Carnival Fantasy is nothing new. NCL was there for 5 years followed by Celebrity for a year before Carnival.

The new cruise terminal will be located closer to the cargo terminal, and it will have more parking, etc. The benefits of the new terminal to the city are there. But opponents are just tired of cruise ships, they don't want them doing turnarounds. But it sure is nice when they stop there.

The city fathers want the cruise business - and they floated a bond to pay for the new cruise terminal (not a taxpayer expense). But I do see how the residents could oppose the cruise ships. They do not add that much good, since the city already has a very strong tourist business. Cruisers only account for 5% of the tourism business there. So, for 5% of the business they have to see a big cruise ship that should be cold ironing but isn't sitting there every five days.
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