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Default Scottsvb


Why are you on this board then? Isnít everyone a stranger looking for a stranger? What do you think this board is for?

Iím a male who has been on two cruises with complete strangers (both women). I had a great time, no problems. You are right about one thing, I did get to know both over the phone over a 3 week period discussing likes/dislikes regarding rooming.

Background check, you seem very paranoid. Like my co-workers who thought I might get kidnapped or something. People are too much sometimes.

Some roommates do have problems and write about it. But the main issue seems to be personality conflicts. Sloppy person vs. neat person, snoring, etc.

I could not see my self at 60 rooming with a 20 year old; you probably have a point there. As for the 10PM crack, not nice, you donít seem very mature.

This post has been hijacked. Let it get back to what it was originally posted for.
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