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Hello All!

I can't believe I had enough power in this lap top to open it up but I think I have something such as twenty percent so this will be short

First off, the love and support from all of you has been beyond belief and has humbled me deeply.

As it were, my poor adored niece DeAnna had to watch me die not once, but twice (technically I guess three times when you count it as a double on Sunday) within four days. The second time I was gone much longer but as I awoke she was holding my head in her hand stroking my hair softly repeating, "t's alright....just wake up." I started to and was gone again but when I came back the second time that morning she still was holding my head.

I am so unbelievably touched by all of your kind and generous comments, stunned is more like it. I love each and all of you. If I'm not supposed to remain around that much longer, please never forget that. However I fully intend to go on the March Epic Cruise with Ray.

I should be home sometime Friday and will re-establish contact then for as I previously stated, I'm almost out of power.

God Bless each and everyone of you and all of you who are on my list always remain in my prayers. And yes John, I do miss Fran terribly and I appreciate your sentiment in that regard.

Alas, I can't control when I leave so thankfully, I have such wonderful people such as all of you as my family until that time does come.

Much Love to All!
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