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Originally Posted by A&B View Post
just because I cruise multiple times a year doesn't mean I cheat service staff out of their tips. In fact, I generally tip well above and beyond the base-- especially to my dining room waitstaff and cabin stewards.
Hi Beth.
What a wonderful approach to your wait staff. I too tip above the rate, and the hard working crew always know who is going to "Stiff them".

Some pax who cruise frequently, sometimes are of the belief that they own the ship. For Gods Sake !!! (Especially P&O ships)

For example,I have seen big big women flirt, with the Wait staff, and eat eat and eat until there is no tomorrow, and then not tip...:evil:
I have seen (On the Legend,)The same big huge women, often give the pretense to run around the lido deck at dawn, whilst muching several danish pastries, and in the process drawing attention to themselves with their loud body noises.( Most of it can be attributed to internal gas escaping)

Whilst I enjoy others company at meal times, my Dinner reservations are for myself, my Kids and their nanny. Tipping from me, is always, always higher than the rate recommended by the cruise line.
I applaud you Beth for your sincere comments, and am so happy that both You and I are in appreciation and agreement of the hard working Wait Staff.
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