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Default Why pick on Ship's Photographers

In the ten years since we have started cruising I've seen advances in the way photos are taken , the ability to present images to you on a flash drive or even select ones for printing. Certainly the ability to discuss ones camera's techniques with a professional and classes offered and finally the ability to buy quality cameras and supplies on a ship at prices comparable to land prices.
The vast majority of us do not frequent camera shops on a regular basis nor do we have at least quality pictures taken of us at regular times.

If I have to pause on the gangway with my wife and smile for a moment and or trade a chuckle with the photographer , we are talking seconds not minutes.
What is wrong if you smile and say no thanks and keep on trucking , they will smile and say have a nice day.
Yes, on the way to the ship we have bypassed the line at times but to be honest what is the emergency all about. Thought we were on a cruise to relax.
Our family enjoys seeing some of our pictures and the budget can stand $19.95 for an 8 x 10 especially after paying over $10,000 for cruise and plane.

Using the ecology argument is great but at least companies and ships upgraded are working on it. Want to talk paper then look at the Art / Spa / Casino flyers in the 2,000 rooms every few days or how about the ships daily news in your cabin each night and the article on the port you are visiting.

Want to complain about lines, then how about where the captains welcome is done, or having to walk through the casino to get to the MDR or the theatre show that everybody is going to and the narrow pathway/

The only new thing that annoys me is when they take a photo of only you at the table not you as a couple.

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