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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Interesting point made here that some people seem to imagine that the staff actually care about people, some do maybe, but just think back to the last morning onboard when they just can't wait to get you off the ship! People say to me that because I don't interact with the room steward & chat for ages that I am missing something, maybe I am but the last thing a busy cabin steward wants is an old gasbag going on & on & patronising them about where they live & how little they get paid.
I'm quite sure you are a nice person even though we might have to deflate you.
Your point though is valid, say goodbye nicely and let then get ready for the next person as changeover day is a very time consuming event.
The original posting is not based on an exact poll of hundreds of staff so it reflects only a few staff who encountered the veery few who out of hundreds of thousands are mean spirited with monies and attitude.

I guess we now fall into the cracks of frequent cruisers as we cruised in November 2010 , May 2011 and September 2011 with next for MAy 2012. WE are not like those described at all and we did see some of the same staff but they had been rotated between the three different Princess ships we were on.
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