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As far as we know these coupons were issued to us instead of the cash we put down on the original cruise. I don't think they were a "sorry gift". We are trying to use them as towards a caribbean cruise to be taken the first week of December so no major holidays involved there and of course the $480. each coupon does not cover the cruise and we pay the rest in cash ourselves. The only response our TA is getting from RC is "the coupons should not have been issued in the first place". Why they should not have been issued we do not know. We are still hoping that we get a better response from RC as our TA is trying to go up the corporate ladder of complaints. I will keep you informed of how this works out. Also this would be our first cruise as we have never done this before so this is not us trying to scam RC or any other cruise lines as we are "cruise virgins" . Also our first time every getting a coupon to use but as far as I know when I go to the grocery store with a coupon I look at the expiry date first and the fine print to see how I can apply it towards the product and the store usually honour them, so I don't know how RC can retract these coupons without company no longer existing.
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