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Originally Posted by Galveston View Post
After being hung up on twice during the "transferring" process to a different department, I spoke to Kate @ guest solutions. Shortly after she transferred me to her supervisor Diana Garcia who gave me the same information but said she would have the manager for that department call me within 24-48 hours.

I understand they can't have a wide open canceltion poilicy, but I fail to see where I signed and agreed to what they're saying. One option they are giving me, is to charge a $50 penalty and give a $200 credit for future sailing. If I did this, booked one for next year under non early-saver provisions, do you think I could get away with another cancelation and normal refund of deposit?

I hate to skirt the system but Carnival has really forced my hand. My only other cruise experience is on Royal and almost any question or problem has been promptly handled with a call to their loyalty department.
Can't see why you feel CCL has forced your hand.....That is the only option you have, as stated in ES guidelines when you booked, or cancel and lose it all.

There have been reports from others stating they changed an ES booking to a later date and booking under NON "Early Saver" rates, but the original ES penalties still apply to that new booking.

Also Keep in mind that the $200.00 p/p credit DOES NOT APPLY to a deposit on the future cruise booked. It is applied to the balance due after NEW deposits have been made.

When you booked the cruise under the ES rates, you agreed to the terms including cancellation penalties, charges and non refundable deposits just like everyone else that books using those ES fares.

ES savings sometimes can be great if willing to gamble the deposit or $50.00 p/p fee for changes.... but some folks just are not willing to gamble that.

ES comes with the ability to either adjust fares before final payment (if rates drop below what you initially paid) or receive an OBC for the fare difference after final payment has been made (up to 2 business days before sailing).

Some will say to purchase trip insurance to cover your losses, but the reason for cancellation has to fall within your insurance policy guidelines, i.e. cancel for any reason, medical illness, loss of job, etc....

To me, if the savings are worth it compared to other rate promotions i.e. past guest, military, state residency, sr. fares, etc.... The $50.00 p/p penalty is minimal, but only if the ES savings are significant compared to other rates out there.

Good Luck and maybe the supervisor will have mercy on you and give you a break and waive the penalty fee's........hope for the best but expect the worst !

Keep us posted !
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