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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I would add, that if this was RCI, or any other line, the problems or questions you are experiencing now, would be handled in a similar manner.

The value bookings offered, make cruisers roll the dice,and hope they can fullfill the cruise. If not, then they took the chance, and, now have deal with the options they signed up for. Just busines.
Interesting. I always buy travel Insurance and in most cases it will cover an event but one checks.

Perhaps it is the side of me :evil:that says , what is the problem.
In my mind, its lovely that the bride and groom invited one to join them on their wedding cruise but in truth as on land I'd only see them for part of that special day.
If we decide to join them it is because we like the idea of the cruise as we are paying for it and the added bonus of watching them get married.
If we could not afford it or did not like the cruise offered we would say no and send a gift.
Of course they would expect us to leave them alone and perhaps we would see them during the cruise. The rest of the cruise is for me to enjoy and I would in a flash.
When they elect to get married again, will you book a cruise again, perhaps but if they cancel again?

I'd suggest just carry on with your cruise and enjoy yourself as originally intended and your refund problem will vapourize.
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