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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
They assume people will understand what "black tie" means.
They have also changed "semi-formal" (a ridiculous code I think) to something like "Smart...jacket required"

Appropriate attire is essential for entry to the ship's bars and restaurants
You know Mr. John, that it is because cruises have got so much cheaper that cruise lines have to "Educate" their customers regarding attire.
Is it not ironic, that "Certain" types of people have to be informed that they require to cover up in public areas.
I read on the Carnival forum about a year back, that people who live in trailer parks, normally behave in this manner. However having not ever been in a trailer park before I cannot really comment. I am showing my age now, but if I remember correctly Jim Rockford from the TV series "The Rockford Files" lived in a trailer hut thingy.
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