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Goodness, this thread has suddenly taken an odd turn.

Never been scammed. I'm very fast on the hangup, I don't even listen to them, and I'm not interested in playing games with them.

But way back in 1977 I really thought Terry had been taken. At the time she was the newly-appointed chairman of the travel committee at work. When we got home one night she asked if I could get off for a particular week that she named.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Well, I got a call today from a Cunard guy asking if I'd like to see their brand new ship. Thinking it was just one of those deals where you get to come aboard for lunch and look around I said sure. He said great, how about the week of (whatever) for a cruise to Bermuda?"

Well, I didn't really believe this was for real, but it turned out I didn't have any shoots or anything that week, so I cleared my schedule. A charter bus to New York was supposedly included, to leave from a hotel about two miles from the house. There was no request for money, credit cards, or anything like that. We went to the hotel on the appointed day, and much to my surprise there was a luxury bus waiting, and our names were on the list. On the way to New York, I continued to prepare myself mentally for the probability that there would be no ship, and that the nature of the scam would become clear to us when we got there.

It wasn't until we were happily settled in our cabin, completely stocked with several quarts of booze, that I finally came to the conclusion that this was a standard fam cruise, and other than one presentation from Cunard about its new ship, there were no strings attached.

It was Cunard's abortive venture into smaller ships, which didn't last long, and this one was called the Cunard Princess. It was one of her first sailings, and one of the interesting things was that at the time she was under the command of the legendary Peter Jackson, who spent so many years as Master of the QE2.

It was our second trip to Bermuda (the first was our honeymoon), and we had a wonderful time thanks to Cunard.

No scam, but I sure was suspicious.
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