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Default Some are S&P500 companies

The rip-offs on cruises are not only from small sleazy companies; they are also from large S&P500 companies overcharging on cruises. The difference is they will deliver the legitimate cruise that you signed up for.

The companies are Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, Holiday Inn, Disney, etc.

They all sell timeshare and owners can swap their timeshare condo for a cruise on an ocean liner. It will take 2 or 3 years of accumulated time to book a 7-day Caribbean inside cabin on a Carnival ship. Maintenance fees for any of these top timeshares are about $1000 per year. There is also a transaction fee for the swap, which could be from $100 to $300. And don't forget that does not include the port fees.

We all know we would not pay $2500 for a 7-day Caribbean inside cabin on Carnival that we can get all day for less than half that amount.

For the privilege of being able to take advantage of these great cruises, the timeshare owner had already paid from $10.000 to $40,000 when they bought their timeshare.

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