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Okay, this always worked for us and takes maybe two to four days.

Whenever the puppy goes in the house, just carry it over to the "accident scene" put it's nose near the mess, take your finger and pointing it to its nose say something along the lines of "NO! Bad Dog!"

Then take it outside to an enclosed (meaning fenced so it can't wander off)area and make it stay outside for awhile .... I don't care whether its raining or whatever.

The puppy should quickly get the association as dogs (as they have just learned) are far smarter than we ever gave them credit for being.

Growing up with two large indoor dogs always in residence, I don't remember Mother having to that many times at all. The trick is to leave the puppy outside long enough that it gets the message that it's supposed to do it's duty outside.

Good luck, buddy!
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