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Unfortunately, dogs have about a 3-second short term memory, so if you dont catch them "in the act" then dont bother disiplining them. They will just try to hide the deed somewhere else. What has worked for us is the crate training. Our Lab loves his crate. Its his personal space, and he has NEVER soiled the crate. What HAS worked is: 1) catching him in the act of soiling the house. 2) making a BIG FUSS and immediately rushing him outside, letting him go wherever 3) eventually moving him to the part of the yard you want to be his "toilet" 4) STRONG praise and/or reward when he does it right, NOTHING when he does it wrong. Our 6 month old Black Lab has been fully house trained for over 8 weeks now, and only does his deeds in a 10-foot x 10 foot corner of the yard. In addition, he has never come inside with "poo paws". We are still working on seperation anxiety, though.
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